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Grace & Glorie which has more than half a century of experience in diamonds and jewelry, has entrusted all its technology and infrastructure to Occatech in order to bring together lab grown diamond products that will give a new impulse to both Turkish and American marketings with its customers.

We have developed 2 different e-commerce software for Grace & Glorie, One in Turkey, One in America. Later that, we designed a great online shopping and experience platform where customers can design their own jewelry.

Besides, we have developed a special software that will rearrange and transfer all product information to the e-commerce infrastructure through the existing archiving system they use so that they can transfer more than 500 thousand different jewelry variations to the e-commerce environment. In this way, we have made it possible for them to transfer more than half a million products with just a click, which were previously impossible for them.

Apart from tech, we continue to support Grace & Glorie with our experience and technology in the field of digital marketing. We have saved them from high costs in digital marketing by developing the marketing software through the comprehensive partnership in the sector.

On the other hand, we continue to support them in the field of SEO and SEM by continuing our long-term cooperation.

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